Discover the Secrets of Focusing on Impact to Increase Your Income

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To be successful in a career, sometimes determined small things that you have to finish first. As in the previous post, to increase confidence, you need to first complete a small challenge until it succeeds. So from this small success will have an impact on greater success.

Similarly in companies, focusing on impact has between 12 to 50% more financial success than focusing primarily on profits. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the financial results of large companies bear this.

There are actually two keywords here: impact and focus. If your impact is not incorporated into every aspect of your business, you will not realize the full potential of your company. It is a consistent and inclusive focus on impact that guides you to more financial success.

With my impact-focused clients, it all starts with developing your Impact Goals, a clear statement of the impact you want to have.

Do you find the purpose of your impact inspiring? Does it fill you with energy? If not, at least most of the time, you may be on the wrong track. Your clarity about the impact you want to have, whether it’s social or environmental or both, serves as a rock on which you build and grow your impactful business.

As you continue to focus on your Impact Goals, you’ll find your mind changing from short-term pain to what you can accomplish in your business and community. This thought of the other person, and not just yourself, is a way to take you out of the doldrums or away from unhelpful divergent thinking, and refocus on your impact.

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Reinforce this by having your Impact Goals statement in front of you, every day. Have it on your desk or screen. In your wallet. In your refrigerator. Anywhere you will be regularly reminded of what you want, personally and with your company.

Plan your day and week with the goal of your impact in mind. Include your company’s Impact Goals in your decisions about how time, money, and resources are spent, and with whom.

Take the time and effort to make sure that your team understands the company’s Impact Goals as well as you do, so they can make aligned decisions as well. A mind that is in harmony with the goal is a powerful creative force. Fill your and your team’s attention with something valuable.

Focusing your company around impact, embedding it throughout your company, is a significant and powerful growth strategy.

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